About Us

Making Parents Lives Easier Since 1997.

                                                    Because parents are superheros, they should feel like superheros.

Who is Babymoov? 

Babymoov was founded by 3 French fathers in Europe on the journey to find tips and tricks on making parenting easier. 

We focus on simplifying every day life for every family. We are not perfect parents and that's okay. We don't want to teach parents to be "perfect", because they simply do not exist. But trying your best exists. Let's work together to eliminate the "perfect parent complex". 

All our products are made with premium materials under the supervision of medical professionals, midwives, and parents to ensure only the highest quality and maximum safety products enter your home.

Our values are family values, and that is what Babymoov is about. Bringing families together through everyday experiences. Our products are made to help bring you on that path in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. 

All of these principles about product design leave us with a very personal, very high bar and it sets the foundation for how we think, design, source, and most importantly, how we treat our customers.

Made in Europe with the highest standard to ensure your family education exceeds your expectations.

Babymoov is here for you.