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      5 products

      5 products

      Babymoov Pregnancy Pillows - Maternity & Breastfeeding Cushions

      As your baby grows in the womb, it can be harder for you to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Babymoov’s collection of maternity pillows have been specially designed to help mums-to-be enjoy rest and sleeptime safely and comfortably throughout their pregnancy.

      If you’re struggling with back pain and discomfort whilst sleeping, wearable sleep support – such as our award-winning Dream Belt – could be the answer. Co-created with midwives and new mums, this pregnancy sleeping pillow features soft memory foam to provide extra support in the gap between your hip and your mattress. This makes it the best pregnancy pillow for side sleeping, which is recommended as the ideal sleeping position during pregnancy.

      Plus, if you’re looking for a pregnancy pillow that also doubles up as a breastfeeding cushion, you’ll find just what you need in our collection. Our Mum&b pregnancy support pillow is perfect for when you’re on the go, providing support to your neck, legs or back as you rest. It also doubles as a nursing pillow to support both you and baby during feeding time.

      In our collection of maternity pillows for pregnant women, you’ll find comforting pillows and supports to ease both mum and baby for a restful slumber.