Lifetime Warranty


Trust is essential when it comes to products for you and your baby. We guarantee safe and high quality products thanks to our Lifetime Warranty on all Babymoov products!

Activate your Lifetime Warranty now by opening the "HELP" widget on the bottom right of the screen! 

Please fill out the Lifetime Warranty form within two months from the date of purchase. If you have purchased directly from our website, you are automatically registered for the Lifetime Warranty program.

You will need:

1. A digital copy (scanned photo, in formats .pdf, .doc, .jpg...) of your proof of purchase (a till or full receipt is required, we cannot provide a warranty for your product without one).

2. The date and place of your purchase and the Babymoov product name must appear on your proof of purchase. (Please note, the Lifetime Warranty only applies to US customers).

Scope of the Lifetime warranty :

The Lifetime warranty is reserved for individuals, and does not cover the use of a product for professional purposes.

When can you use the Lifetime Warranty?

During the first 2 years, your product is covered by the legal guarantee that can be used upon presentation of your proof of purchase without any application requested before. If you haven’t formally registered your product for the Lifetime Warranty, rest assured, you are still covered by your 2 year legal guarantee. By registering your product for the Lifetime Warranty your product is covered beyond the 2 year legal guarantee. To qualify for Lifetime Warranty, your Babymoov product must be purchased directly from or through an authorized retailer which you can find a list of here.