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The French Succes Story 🇫🇷

Babymoov is a French nursery brand created in 1997 by 3 dads. For over 25 years, Babymoov has been developing solutions to make life easier for parents, by working with them and healthcare professionals to develop products that are truly adapted to their everyday needs, whether at home or on the move.

Babymoov is one of the leading brands on the European market, recognized in particular for its expertise in baby meal preparation, with food processors adapted to the nutritional needs of children at the time of dietary diversification. But also for its comfort products for pregnant women (pregnancy and breastfeeding cushions) and for babies (baby swing and baby loungers).

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At what age should baby start to diversify his diet?

At what age should baby start to diversify his diet?

Until about 6 months, alongside introducing solid foods Infant formula and breast milk (breastfeeding) contain all the essential nutrients for your baby's growth. Introducing Solid Foods from 4 to...

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