Travel crib and bed 3-in-1 Moov and Comfy

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A comfortable travel cot for use from birth up to the age of 4

  • 3-in-1 travel cot: baby crib (or use until the child can sit up, kneel up or stand up unaided), travel cot and play pen
  • Comfortable with 2 mattresses, 2.5cm thick and 25kg/m3 density
  • Suitable from birth: raised and detachable crib
  • Adaptable for use up to the age of 4 with a large mattress (118 x 78 cm - compatible with 70 x 140 cm sheets)
  • Wide side opening
  • Mesh structure for good ventilation
  • Stable legs
  • 2 Pockets on the sides
  • Assembles/dismantles in less than a minute: cot can be folded without removing the crib
  • Carry bag with large handles included
  • Lightweight: 6.6 kg (5.22kg without the crib)
  • Lifetime warranty - See terms and conditions
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A comfortable travel cot for use from birth up to the age of 4

Nowadays, being parents means being able to take baby with you on family adventures, or just to see grandma and grandad, visit friends, or go away for the weekend. And we know how important it is for you to have the right products to make life easier so you can all get around as a family.
That's why we have designed our Moov and Comfy 3-in-1 lightweight (6.6kg) travel cot, that opens up and folds down in just a few seconds! A practical, comfortable and extremely stable cot, which can be used from birth up to the age of 4 (travel crib, travel bed and play pen).

For newborns, we have designed a detachable raised crib. No more backache when reaching down for baby at the bottom of the cot! This raised crib means that your baby is always at the right height! Even more practical, we have added 2 pockets on the sides of the cot to hold their soft toy, changing equipment or baby monitor so all your essentials are within easy reach.

Once baby is able to turn over unaided (around the age of 6 months), you can move onto sleeping on the large 46.46 x 30.71 inch mattress (compatible with 27.56 x 55.12 inch sheets) in the lower part of the Moov and Comfy toddler travel bed.

For maximum comfort, both mattresses on our travel bed (the small one in the crib and the large one in the lower section) are 1 inch thick with excellent 25kg/m3 density, one of the best on the market in terms of travel cots! Everything you need to ensure baby is as comfortable as possible while they rest.

And for fun times, the Moov and Comfy 3-in-1 with a large side opening making it easy to get in and out!

In terms of aesthetics, its sage green colour is soft, trendy and unisex :)

In summary, it's the perfect travel cot: a raised crib for babies up to 6 months, and a large travel cot for toddler. You'll be fully equipped for trips out with your child, with somewhere comfortable for them to sleep and play! This makes Moov & Comfy one of the best travel cribs on the market.


Travel Crib & Toddler Travel Bed


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