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YOO Monitors

Try our 'quick fix'...

1. Remove the battery from the unit entirely, unplug the battery at the little white plug inside the unit.

2. Plug your unit into the mains WITHOUT the battery in it and switch it on. 

3. Unplug the unit and insert the battery back into the unit.

4. Plug your unit back into the mains and charging of the battery should be resolved.

You may have the VOX (voice-activated technology) mode on so that the screen will only come on when baby makes a sound. If you do not want this feature, you can simply switch this off within the menu.

1. Make sure that the camera is switched off before starting the pairing process. Enter the main menu by pressing the magnifying glass on the Parent unit and select ‘matching’ using the down arrow on the touch pad. Press the ON/OFF button to confirm.

2 ‘Baby 1’ means that camera one is configured to the parent unit. You can add up to 4 cameras if you wish. Select ‘baby’. Click on the ON/OFF button and select the camera of your choice by using the up and down arrows. (1 to 4) Press the ON/OFF button to select your choice.

3 To start the pairing with the camera, select ‘Pairing’ using the ON/OFF button on the parent unit. The connection icon will flash for 15 seconds. Press the ON/OFF button on the camera until the battery icon shows then blinks on the parent unit, you can then release the ON/OFF button on the camera. If the camera has been successfully paired the parent unit will display the image being transmitted by the camera and the letter next to pairing will be Y instead of N.