Duo Meal Lite- Infant & Toddler Food Processor

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    Duo Meal Station Lite: Your Ultimate Culinary Ally

  • Elevate your kitchen with the Duo Meal Station Lite, the quintessential time-saving companion that effortlessly transforms fresh ingredients into wholesome culinary delights. Experience a world where cooking and blending happen in perfect harmony, resulting in nutrient-rich, flavor-packed meals that will tantalize your babies taste buds.
  • Preserve Nutrients, Savor Flavors

  • Gentle steaming takes center stage in the Duo Meal Station Lite. Our innovative steam basket partitions the cooking bowl, ensuring each ingredient receives precisely the right amount of steam, preserving the nutrients, vitamins, and flavors that make your dishes truly nutritious.
  • Efficiency Meets Capacity

  • Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to efficiency! With a generously-sized steaming bowl and a blender capacity exceeding 8 cups (2,000 ml), you can effortlessly prepare a week's worth of fresh and nutritious meals in mere minutes. The Duo Meal Station Lite is here to save you time, so you can focus on what truly matters.
  • Simultaneous Magic

  • Watch culinary magic unfold as the cooking unit and blending unit work seamlessly in tandem. No more waiting, no more hassle—just culinary perfection delivered at the push of a button.
  • Adaptable and Nutrient-Rich

  • Our commitment to your culinary journey extends to the cooking water vessel, allowing you to tailor the texture of your creations while retaining every precious nutrient. The result? Meals that are as adaptable as they are nutritious.
  • Transform your kitchen into a hub of culinary creativity with the Duo Meal Station Lite. Experience the future of cooking, where efficiency, nutrition, and taste converge to create unforgettable dining experiences.
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Steam & Blend- Cook Simultaneously!

- A time saving solution: cooking and mixing unit work simultaneously

- Gentle steaming preserves the nutrients and vitamins of the food

- Possibility to cook ALL types of food including vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, cereals, starchy foods & more!

- Complete juice recovery system to cook cereals, adjust texture and preserve nutrients


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Krizia Dayao

The media could not be loaded. This is an amazing product! I've used this for more than a month now and couldn't be more happy with it. It's pretty straight forward and cooks the food really well. I like how I can control the cosistency of my baby's food and I really like how strong the blender is!I have yet to try making rice and pasta but I'm sure it will be good!It also fits really well in the kitchen as it's not too bulky!

Mealtime Made Easy

The Duo Meal Station Lite has truly revolutionized the way I prepare baby food. It's super practical and a massive time-saver, making the whole process so much smoother. The innovative steam basket ensures that all the nutrients and flavors are preserved in the baby food and that’s a huge plus. Also, it's not just limited to baby food. I've also found it to be a fantastic addition to my kitchen when I want to cook purees and blend ingredients for adult meals. It's like having an extra pair of hands to assist in the kitchen, making it a versatile and reliable kitchen aid. If you're seeking a tool that can streamline your baby food preparation and make your cooking for the family more convenient, the Duo Meal Station Lite is an excellent choice.

Abby Temple

We bought this right before baby was born. 5 months later we’re ready for solids and bust out the box. We plug it in, the light turns on, then off and the device won’t work. We don’t qualify for the warranty as we didn’t open the box for months and had no idea. $100+ down the drain.


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