Duo Smart Bottle Warmer

Ref: A002032_US
Sale price$69.99

    The ideal bottle warmer to save time during feedings!

  • The Duo Smart bottle warmer heats your bottles, breast milk pouches or glass food jars
  • The steam heater mode allows you to heat baby bottles and small jars in record time, only 80 seconds to heat 65 ml of water.
  • The pre-programming of the Dup Smart bottle warmer will automatically adjust the heating time to reach the ideal temperature for baby, 37°c.
  • Get some extra ZZZ's thanks to its programmable setting (from 15 min to 12 hours). Its automatic "keep warm" function keeps the contents of the bottle hot for1 hour.
  • Practical, the Dup Smart bottle warmer can also be used in the car with its included adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter.
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Programming the Duo Smart Bottle Warmer

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