Hygro(+) Humidifier

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Guarantee Healthy Air in Your Babies Surroundings

Experience the ultimate in baby care with our award-winning automatic cool mist humidifier. The Babymoov Hygro(+) is thoughtfully designed to create the ideal environment for your little one.

  • Cold mist technology humidifier ideal for crating a healthy environment for your baby
  • Easily adjust the humidity level in your baby's room: manual or automatic adjustment at the desired time
  • Optimal battery life for continuous streaming from bed time to wake up time (up to 22 hours of battery life!)
  • Essential oil diffuser featuring 360 degree adjustable steam
  • Quiet ultrasonic technology
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Elevate Your Baby's Comfort with the Hygro(+) Humidifier


Experience the ultimate in baby care with our award-winning automatic humidifier. The Babymoov Hygro(+) is thoughtfully designed to create the ideal environment for your little one.



  • Maintains the perfect humidity level: Our advanced technology ensures a safe and recommended humidity range of 40-50% to promote your baby's well-being.


  • Combat respiratory issues: The Hygro(+) features cool mist technology, helping to alleviate symptoms of congestion, asthma, eczema, winter infections, and allergies.


  • Calming ambiance: Enjoy the color-changing nightlight with 7 soothing color options, perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your baby's room.


  • Aromatherapy support: Our built-in essential oil diffuser allows you to infuse your baby's space with delightful scents to enhance relaxation.


  • User-friendly interface: The sleek backlit touchscreen interface is designed for nighttime convenience, making it easy to adjust settings without disturbing your baby's sleep.


  • Whisper-quiet operation: With a noise level as low as 25 decibels, the Hygro(+) ensures your baby enjoys uninterrupted slumber.



Hygro(+) Humidifier

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Worst Product Out There

The reason I began using this product was to relieve some of my sons cold like symptoms. The last thing you want to do as a mom is struggle for half an hour as your kid is crying in the background. First the instructions are terrible. It says close the valve tightly and even when you use all your might it’s still doesn’t lock properly. Water will leak out everywhere. Ultimately, I gave up because it was such a cheap product. Turn on the shower or use another company.

Linda R
Not as easy to clean

I do like so many of the features but I didn’t realize that I possibly have hard water at my house and it’s affected my machine and because it has so many small areas, it’s impossible to each certain parts and scrub it clean. Soaking in bleach water just wasn’t enough. Would be hesitant to recommend it.

Hi Linda,
We're sorry to read that you have found it difficult to clean the Hygro Plus. We recommend watching this short video explaining the cleaning process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlZNwQArd0E&ab_channel=BabymoovNorthAmerica

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need us to assist further!

Robyn Richtmeyer
sent to the wrong person

Hi. I'm not Robyn, I'm Shanna, who ordered it. The humidifier was sent to me, instead of my niece, Robyn, after I had sent an e-mail specifically to clarify. Please refer to the e-mail I sent to Babymoov yesterday, about this. Now, I have to ship it all the way from Washington to New York. Thanks so much, for taking time to check into it. Wishing you a great rest of the week. Shanna

Siu Wong
Product good but customer service lacking

I do love the product and the fact that you can adjust the mist and the auto on and off for the humidity for the room.

However, I am unsure to recommend due to the fact the customer service is not great. The valve cap the spring seems to have broken after few months of use and I've emailed Babymoov multiple times and have not heard a response in months. All I wanted was a chance to purchase the cap again and how I would go about doing that. It seems once you buy the product any after concerns for the product is no longer their problem.

Hi Siu,

We are so sorry to hear that you have yet to hear from a member from our team. We've checked our records and unfortunately have no contact information or communication under your name. We are currently out of stock for replacement caps, but this should be back in stock and available for purchase by the end of May. Should you wish to speak with a member of our customer service team, please e-mail hello@babymoov.com .

Thank you!

Works well after returning duds.

I had to return two of these before I got one that works. The last one received works very well. It is somewhat difficult to understand how to adjust it.


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