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      9 products

      Babymoov Baby Comfort Range

      Baby lounger and headrest

      A good night’s sleep makes the world of difference to your baby. It’s a time where they can relax and process the world around them, preparing little ones for the adventures of the day ahead. Our collection of baby sleeping products ensures their slumber is gentle and comfortable.

      As your newborn leaves the security of the womb, they need to feel safe and supported in their new, open environment. In our collection of baby sleeping products, you’ll discover baby supports – such as our Cosydream baby support lounger – that help little ones to transition from the womb to the crib safely. You’ll also find anti-flat head pillows that provide even support to your baby’s head, reducing the risk of flat head syndrome.

      It’s not just baby supports that improve their slumber. Infants are sensitive to their environment, so we have many baby sleeping products to help them feel comfortable in their nursery. Settle them into bedtime routines with a soothing rechargeable night light – or a sleep trainer that fosters their natural sleep rhythms using colour indicators. Recreate a peaceful starry sky with a night light projector, featuring beautiful lullabies to ease your baby into sleep.

      As well as being restful, your baby needs a healthy environment to thrive at night. Our silent baby humidifier can help to maintain a healthy moisture level in your baby’s room, reducing the impact of congestion, colds, asthma, eczema and allergies on your little one. With Babymoov's collection of baby sleeping products, your baby will be drifting into a restful night’s sleep before you know it.