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Baby Food Maker Buying Guide: What are the differences?

Baby Food Maker Buying Guide: What are the differences?
For parents looking to invest in a Baby Food Maker ahead of their weaning journey or just curious about the different features of each one, we break down the differences in this simple Duo Meal food prep maker comparison guide so that you can find the best one for you.
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Duo Meal Station Common Features

Fundamentally all of our Duo Meal's are designed to be multifunctional to make the process of food prep easier and quicker for parents. From all Duo Meal models you can expect:

  • Steaming and blending (at the same time if you want)
  • Defrost and reheating of prepared meals and food jars
  • Cooking juice vessel (to capture lost nutrients from steamed foods)
  • Dishwasher-friendly (minus electrical parts)
  • Audible alarm when steaming is finished
  • Lifetime Warranty included

Duo Meal Station Food Maker - Blender & Steamer for baby food

    Duo Meal Station 6in1 Food Prep Maker grey - the original Baby Food Maker

     Starting with the original Duo Meal Station design, the key features include:

    • Steaming, blending simultaneously
    • defrost, reheating of food jars and reheat of milk
    • sterilizing functionality of bottles and small accessories
    • 2.2 Litre capacity (steamer & blender space)
    • 3 blending speed options to control texture of purees 
    • 2 steamer baskets included
    • Ability to select specific steam cooking time

       food maker babymoov

      Duo Meal Station XL 6in1 Food Prep Maker Navy/Rose Gold - the largest capacity Duo Meal

      Similar in functionality to the Duo Meal Station, our largest capacity model the Duo Meal XL offers all of the same features with a greater capacity steamer for cooking even more food at once and comes in one unique colour.

      • XL 2.9 Litre overall capacity (larger steamer capacity than Duo Meal Station)
      • 3 steam baskets
      • Unique colourway in navy and rose gold

      Duo Meal Lite-  Infant & Toddler Food Processor

      Duo Meal Lite Food Prep Maker - the compact Duo Meal 

      Designed with simplicity, budget and compactability in mind, the Duo Meal Lite includes many of the Duo Meal Station features with a simplified one button functionality for all cooking features:

      • Steaming and blending (simultaneous)
      • Defrost and reheat functions
      • One button activation for steamer and blender
      • Sterilize small feeding accessories
      • 1 steamer jug + 1 steamer basket to separate ingredients
      • 2 Litre overal capacity
      • Cooking times are automatic depending on the volume of water added to the steamer tank
      • Cooking guide included
      baby food maker

      Duo Meal Glass Food Prep Maker - the first eco-conscious Duo Meal

      The newest Duo Meal model is launched inline with our GreenMoov pledge as a brand to design and work more sustainably for future generations. Duo Meal Glass is similar in functionality as Duo Meal Lite with the following differences:

      • Glass steamer jug and blender jug
      • 1 Stainless Steel steamer basket
      • 70% less plastic overall in this product in comparison
      • 1.5 Litre capacity (compact with the ability to prep up to 21 meal portions for baby watch here)


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