B.Love Microbeads refill

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    Universal microbead refill

  • Compatible with the B. Love pillows.
  • Easy to use: built-in straw
  • Non-return valve to avoid spilling the microbeads during storage
  • Fine, silent microbeads
  • 10L capacity
  • Quality non-toxic materials: Toxproof(R) and Oeko-Tex(R) certification
  • Made in Turkey
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Extend the use of your maternity cushion with our microbead refill!

A universal microbead refill, ultra easy to use.


With regular use of your cushions over the long term, the microbeads can naturally settle. Our universal 10L refill to fill our B.Love range of maternity cushions, as well as your poufs, travel cushions etc. according to your needs. Shape up your maternity cushion and get back to the comfort of a new one!

A built-in straw makes pouring the beads quick and easy. Simply slide the folded cardboard insert into the hole in the bead bag. And that's it! Your straw is created and your cushion is ready to be refreshed!

What's more, this refill has a non-return valve so you can store it without risking spillage. Filling a maternity cushion has never been so easy!

The microbeads are very fine, so they don't make any noise when they're moving or rubbing against each other, for optimum comfort. So you can enjoy your tender moments with baby with complete peace of mind.



To take care of future generations, we're changing our production and consumption methods step by step, and together we're moving towards practices that are more respectful of the environment, while protecting baby's fragile skin:
- The Oeko-Tex® and Toxproof® certifications ensure the quality and non-toxicity of the materials for you and your baby.

- The compact bag of microbeads is made from recycled plastic.

- The cardboard insert that transforms into a straw is FSC labelled: it comes from controlled and responsibly harvested resources.

And with this refill, you can use your microbead maternity cushion over and over again!



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